Percussion question - multiple players / 1 instrument

I didn’t want to bump this thread from 2020, but what is the best way to deal with multiple percussionists who share a single physical instrument? If I simply add a Snare Drum to two percussionists, I end up with Sn. Dr. 1 and Sn. Dr. 2 in the score, which is obviously not ideal as there’s only 1 Snare in the pit. I already have Show Player Group names selected in the score as the conductor needs a way to distinguish the 3 stage players from all the rest of the pit orchestra.

Is adding one percussionist to their own group and then changing the group name to be nothing the way to go here? Just curious how others have handled this.

You could do it the old-fashioned way and produce a part per instrument and let the kitchen sort out who plays what, when.

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I thought that players put into different groups (as opposed to instruments added to a single player) did not automatically add the instrument number.

But I could be wrong.

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The pit orchestra has 2 percussion players. The composer’s manuscript does not do a very good job of dividing instruments as he just wrote things as he was hearing them without much regard to their physical setup. I am editing the percussion to make the instruments as divided as possible for ease of set up, but there are several that will need to be played by both players.

The percussion part will be split between the two players as I have it in the score, but there will only be one percussion part containing both players, so they can both see what the other is playing, and move assignments around if the physical setup requires. (Ballet pit orchestra, I assume space is tight.)

Yeah, that was why I was going to take that route. Minor hiccup is that I already have a group name for the “Stage Instruments” that has to be visible in the score. Just changing the group name for Perc. 1 to nothing seems to eliminate it being shown. I was just wondering how others handle this, or if that’s the best way.

I don’t suppose Groups can be nested. That would get complicated really quickly.

Can’t one change the name by adding a space at the beginning to avoid the program numbering them?

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For this setup I wouldn’t actually need nesting thankfully. The “Stage Instruments” are two percussionists and a Tres player. There are two “pit percussionists” who have to play approx 15 different instruments. The more I can have each instrument assigned to one player, the better, but it’s not possible as the composer didn’t really pay attention to that. Some instruments will have to be accessible to both players.