Percussion question (using noteperformer3)

I’d like to set up some toms for a piece, at least, to try them out.

but when I select high, medium, and low toms, they all sound the same when I go to insert notes.

now, I KNOW that woodblocks work when I choose high, medium, low… so I’m wondering if this is an error? or maybe a forgotten item in the playback techniques?

is there an easy way for me to assign the correct sounds to those instrument names?


What sound set are you using?

in the post title: NotePerformer3

My mistake. :woozy_face:

I find the high, med-high, med-low, and low toms produce distinct tom-like sounds. The medium tom produces a click. I put them on separate one-line staves to test the sounds.

I’m selecting them in the Setup screen, choosing the instruments with the little + sign.

I set them as distinct players.

and yet, insert notes on any of those staves and they all come out with the same sound.

I DID choose a high tom, a medium tom, and a low tom.


ok, I went back and tried reloading the toms, but same result.
then I decided to try “tomtom” instead of just “tom”, and THOSE play correctly.

the ones that come out as the same instrument regardless of choice are those called just “tom high”, “tom medium”, etc…

I don’t know what the difference may be between your NP sound set and mine. Except for a clicking sound on the medium tom, I get different pitches for the other toms. I entered mine from the Setup screen. I also put them in separate Players.

It’s odd.