Percussion questions

Hello Dorico users. Two percussion questions, pls.
(1) I imported a single-line rolled suspended cymbal part from sib into Dorico. It was originally regular noteheads, but imported as X-shaped noteheads. Is this the correct nomenclature for sus. cymbal roll?
(2) Does Dorico have icons for specifying different kinds of mallets or beaters?

  1. Absolutely! You can use a playing technique. If they don’t have the one you want already, you can create a custom one. There’s a whole category for those kinds of glyphs.

Thanks, Dan. But I’m not sure that my questions are 100% answered. :slight_smile:
(1) Are X-shaped noteheads the correct nomenclature for cymbal rolls?
(2) Does Dorico have mallet glyphs? If so, where are they found?

I don’t know about #1, but for #2, yes. Create a new playing technique, select Glyph from the type dropdown. Then you can find them in the appropriate category (I don’t remember what it’s called).

This is clearly not my field, but I just checked Gould’s Behind Bars and Weinberg’s thesis and the result to this search is that there is no absolute rule about how suspended cymbals are written. You can change the notehead if you want, in the percussion editor (Setup mode, left panel, open player’s card, chevron next to the instrument) as you wish.

Many thanks to you both.

I could find mallet instruments under the category “Tuned mallet percussion pictograms”. However, I could not find various glyphs of mallets and sticks. Please refer to the first nine icons on the following web page:

I am curious why these symbols are not included in Bravura? Do I miss something?

Anyway, I am currently using ‘Finale mallet font’ because I have a Finale V25 license. I might find other equivalent free fonts, but I think it would be handy if Dorico provides this mallet and stick set in default playing technique pallette.

Try Bravura’s Beaters Pictograms section.

Oh, thank you very much!

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