Percussion rests

Hi, I’m trying to notate a drum set with a combination of slash regions, slashes with hits above the staff, and stemmed slashes. I have stem and stemless instruments setup on the middle line of the staff in the percussion kit.

I have rest padding in the percussion notation settings turned off. I read on some other threads that percussion voices are a reduction of multiple instruments, but if there aren’t an other voices active in in a measure, I don’t know why I’m still getting rests. I’ve tried “ends voice” and “starts voice” in the ways that usually work on non-percussion instruments, and it’s fixed the problem about 20% of the time.

Is there a better way to set this up to achieve the goal, using the means that currently exist in the program?

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.25.53 PM.png

Apparently it is the stemmed slash notes that are giving you trouble with the rests.

I’m afraid you can’t use ‘Starts voice’ and ‘Ends voice’ on percussion kits: at the moment, rests on percussion kits are immune to editing. I can’t think of a good way around this at the moment.

Use (regular) Upstem Voice 1 with Slash noteheads for the stemmed slashes (you can set this up to work automatically from the Edit Percussion Kit dialog), and you’ll find that no extraneous rests are created.

This is a great solution. Thank you!