Percussion roll like piano roll


How does it work the percussion roll I mean like the piano roll in the desktop version.
Can we use shortcut fur the pad?

Your question isn’t clear, Laurent. Please do not open multiple threads on the same topic.

I could see in Dorico for ipad some percussion pads in the bottom panel and I find it great.
I have a question
In the Dorico 4 desktop version, how does the selection of these pads work?
Can we select them using the computer keyboard or by assigning shortcuts.
I am interested in this.
Thanks for answer dear Daniel

In the desktop version, you would access the drum pads simply by clicking on them with the mouse, or by touching them with your finger (like on the iPad), if you have a touch-screen Windows device.

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If your aim is to input percussion from the computer keyboard, you can already do so. While note input is active, typing C gives snare drum, F gives bass drum. Dorico is by default interpreting your input as if you were writing in treble clef, but you can change this in Preferences. More info in the manual.

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If we can setup a MIDI mapping to those pads also that would be handy

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I agree with that