Percussion rolls

Hey All!

Please forgive me if this has been covered before, but I did try a few things from online searches that have not helped. My question is, How can I get a snare drum roll to play back correctly. I’ve used Noteperformer before with Sibelius without a problem here, but in Dorico it plays separate strokes. I tried messing with the performance editor but got no different results. Please advise.


Same here… been looking around, but haven’t found anything yet. Instead of rolls, sounds like even 32nd notes.


Forgive my newbie question but, How did you get to that window? I don’t see it.

Switch to Play mode, then go Play > Playback Options.

Grrrrreat! TY!!!

Yeah, sorry for my minimalistic answer. ; - )
It’s noted on Noteperformer site: