Percussion: stuck with wrong playback

Sorry, I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I’m stuck with a wrong playback. I have a basic drum set (default one) played back by a Halion SE “Stereo GM kit”.
The problem I have is that my notes play the MIDI note corresponding to the position on the staff, not the MIDI note corresponding to the instrument.
For instance, if I have a C4 (MIDI 72), I want to hear a snare, but I hear a long whistle (GM 72).
*** What I don’t understand:

  • if I create a new drum set inside a new document, things work fine!
  • if I create a new drum set in the same document, playback is still wrong.
    Thanks for any pointer in the right direction!

You probably don’t have a percussion map set for that channel. In Play Mode too too the VST panel and click the ‘*’ button to open the setup dialog to assign the GM percussion map. Alternatively, you can choose Apply Playback Template to reload all the sounds and set up the drum kit automatically.

Thanks for trying to help. I had already tried to Reset the Percussion Map in Play Mode → Play Menu → Percussion Maps. No change.
But resetting the Default Template did work (for the record, I accessed it in Play Menu → Playback Templates… )