Percussion ties from a roll


I did not see anything on the forum about this. I can’t find a way to duplicate the correct notation of a drum roll tied to a single stroke, as in this example:

(Dorico will always give the 2nd tied note a roll indication).
Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 8.59.56 AM.png

In Engrave mode select the second note in the tie chain. In the bottom panel scroll to “Notes and rests”. In the third column of this section turn on “Single stem tremolo” and set to “None”.

Fantastic! Thanks for your help. I was looking in Write Mode bottom panel options, that’s why I couldn’t find it.

If I need to do this the other way around, I.E. starting with a quarter note tied to a half note with tremolo, how is the procedure?

When I select the first note and set tremolo to none (in engrave mode) the tremolo disappears from both notes.

Start with no tremolo. Then go into Engrave mode, select only the second note and add the tremolo from the Properties panel.

Ah. Thank you pianoleo.

Is there a way to make the playback support this change too? If I change the tremolo to none, it still rolls for the duration of both the tied notes.

Not at the moment, I’m afraid, but it’s on our backlog for the future.

Ok, thanks.