Percussion: Use single voice does not work

Hello, I am working on a drum set part. In the Notation Options, I have selected “Truncate to shortest duration”, “Use single voice”, and “Do not pad voice with rests”.
Despite these settings, Dorico create several voices as soon as there are polyrhythms, such as a triplet on the hi-hat line and eighth notes on the kick line. This results in unnecessary rests all over the place and a vertical alignment that does not make sense and that is impossible to read.
Is there any way to force the notes in the drum set part to be in the same voice?
any help would be appreciated, thanks

If you have triplets and non-triplets going on at the same time, then unfortunately Dorico can’t use a single voice. And I would humbly suggest that tuplet vs. non-tuplet cross-rhythms will be clearer for the player to read in two voices anyway, don’t you think?

thanks for your answer Daniel
indeed, you’re right it makes more sense to have them in different voices.
the problem is that there is no option to hide the unnecessary rests in the second voice, is there?

If you move all of those notes into an Extra Voice (Edit > Percussion > Change Voice > Extra…) no extraneous rests will be created.

That said, given there doesn’t seem to be anything more complex than three against two I’d’ve thought it would be perfectly readable to convert the duplets into dotted eighths under triplets, which Dorico should then be able to condense into a single voice.

I don’t have time just now to reconstruct this project, but if you want further help with it then maybe cut it down to just this few bars and upload that version of the project itself.

thanks so much pianoleo for offering your help!
I just sent the parts and score for my piece; I ended up simplifying that drumset part anyways because it was really hard to play!

I also found that some of the weirdness in the above image were actually an easy fix by just changing the notes durations. In the last bar for example, the last snare drum hit was a quarter note; as soon as it was changed to an eighth note, Dorico immediately combined the snare with the hi-hat and removed the extra voice and rests.