Percussion Voices

Are multiple voices possible on a single line percussion staff? Shift-V doesn’t seem to work for me, though the little plus sign does appear.
I have a simple rhythm played on the head and rim of a bass drum, and was planning to do head as down stem and rim as up-stem.

To my knowledge multiple voices don’t work the same way with percussion kits due to how they’re setup. You can do it, it just works a little differently, and seems more limited compared to chordal instruments. (It also acts a little weird for me sometimes)

After selecting a note you can either go the edit options on the top of the screen or right click - there’s a dialogue for percussion and you can run your mouse over it to get to percussion voices to change each note. (I can’t figure out how to reliably input percussion into specific voices so I always do it this way after inputting the notes)

It seems to work best for me to only change one instrument (like just the snare drum), and then force the stem of the other instrument(s) in the other direction using the stem dialogue in the same menus.

I see the menu items under Edit -> Percussion -> Change Voice, but only on something like a Drum Set stave, not on a Bass Drum single line staff.

Ah ok, you could try putting the Bass Drum into a percussion kit by itself and leave it as a single line staff. Doing that enabled the percussion voice and stem options for me.

John Barron replied on Facebook:

If you edit the drum kit, tick the ‘drum set’ box in the top right corner and then you can set the stem directions for each instrument in the kit.

For a single-line percussion you can’t use multiple voices, but you can use ‘f’ to flip the stems of some notes. This won’t help if both notes happen at the same time though.
A two-line kit seems to be my best bet.