Perforce with SSL server in Nuendo

Hi! I’m trying to connect to a Perforce server through Nuendo’s GAC feature, but it won’t work. The server uses SSL, and I get this error message when I try to connect:

Game Audio Connect
Version control problem occurred:
Connect to server failed: check $P4PORT
SSL library must be at least version 1.01

I have checked the P4 settings by typing “P4 set” on the command line and everything seems correct there.
Any ideas on what to do?

I just saw this same issue. I believe the issue is that their plugin does not support SSL, which if true is rather a joke. A heaadline feature of Nuendo is the Game Audio Connect, but it will force the entire repo to be non ssl. I’m reporting the issues, we’ll see if anything comes of it.

So I created a Perforce server without SSL configured, just for Nuendo. And it refuses to connect, claiming my correct password isn’t set.

Steinberg, is this premiere game audio authoring software? I can’t get this to work. I was working up to getting a copy but now I’m doubtful, if Perforce can’t connect there’s little point.

Hi Dan! “Good” to hear that someone else has the same issue. I wrote to the tech support about this and they seemed confused and not very experienced with Perforce, or it’s integration with their own software. The tech support guy forwarded my question to Thorsten Marx, who is the head of the Nuendo dev team and I got an email from him asking for more details. I have yet to hear from him on how things are going. I haven’t upgraded to N11 yet, so perhaps it’s fixed in that version?

I’m the OP btw (adunion). I just had to change my username for the new forum. :slight_smile:

I’m talking to Thorsten too, again he asked for details (it’s not much more complicated than it’s not supporting the same version of SSL), then he went on Christmas break and he said they won’t be able to look into it until sometime in the new year.

I’ve since supplied him with more info on the integration - it’s quite picky. No I’m on 11 and it’s the same, and they verified that nothing was done with Perforce for 11. But I created a non ssl server to test and found that it will only connect if you set the P4PASSWD env variable, and you must have P4V running. Then, it is picky about the workflow, you must let Nuendo handle all the operations, if the project happens to be checked out already it won’t work.

Anyhow if you jump through all the hoops it is quite convienant, but still they need to do some work on this I think.

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Hey again Dan! Looks like they’ve fixed the SSL connection now in 10.3.10. Great. But what now? There’s no documentation whatsoever on how to actually work with Perforce from within Nuendo. I can’t seem to figure out how to check out stuff, add files to repo etc without using the P4V client and do it manually from there. Do you know?

Update: Found a helpful article on the topic here. This should really be in the Nuendo manual as well: Game Sound Design and Asset Production with Nuendo 7 - PDF Free Download

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