Perform with host VST instruments


I’m new to VST Remote and I can’t find any info on my case. Since I want to use this soft to remotely record my private sessions I want to know if I can play VST instruments on host computer from a laptop VST performer. Let me elaborate:

  1. My main PC is at my work (host)
  2. My laptop is at home (performer)
  3. Sometimes I want to work on a song remotely from home. But I don’t have all the VST instruments on my laptop and I don’t really want to install them (too heavy). So I would like to connect my midi keyboard to my laptop and just use the host VST’s to record them directly to the host track. I tried demo version but I couldn’t figure it out. So maybe it is just impossible or I do something wrong.


Welcome albertas!
First problem is how would you connect? Also, you can only record the performance from the Performer end (its MIDI keyboard). You want a remote plug host, this is not what VST Connect is for, sorry.

Well, you would need to have some sort of “Teamviewer” / Remote Desktop Tool to control the studio PC. You “could” use VST Connect (in Rehears Mode) just to transmit the Master Output to your place. There would be a big delay of course…
But as Musicullum pointed out, thats not what VST Connect is usually used for.