Performance / Disk issue


Yesterday, the performance meter in Cubase 7.5 started showing spikes and peaks when playing and stopping play in projects.

I uploaded a video here:

It does on on any project, even very small ones.

In all my time using Cubase, this is the first time I have ever seen the disk meter move.

The other symptom is that in some projects, there is delay before play starts and stops after hitting space bar. Again, it seems to do it in a few projects and I have never come across the behaviour before.

The PC has 3 drives. HDD System drive, HDD audio drive, and an SSD.

I tested the drives using Seagate Tools and it passed the tests. I’ve also defragmented (Windows defrag show 0% defragmented). But the problem is still happening.

PC does not seem sluggish in any other regard. But this has literally brought my work to a halt because the delays I mentioned are impossible to work with.

Can anyone offer any advice/suggestions/help?

Thanks in advance

Check to confirm that the correct audio driver is selected
in “Devices/Device Setup/VST Audio System.”

Correct driver is selected

It does it even if you click on a different time… with any project with audio.

It literally just started doing this, suddenly.

Got the same problem, do you find a solution?