Performance getting worse and worse

Once again I experience that the performance of Cubase 9 gets worse and worse over time.
This is what happened:
Working on a song:
1: Addictive Drums
2: Scarbee Bass (Kontakt)
3: Cuban Perc (Kontakt)
4: SM Brass Tp
5: SM Brass Trb.
6: Alto Sax SM, SWAM version
7: Tenor Sax SM, SWAM version
8: Baritone Sax SM, SWAM version
9: Efimov Acc. Guitar

Have been playing happily with buffer 128, constrain delay compension ON.
I try to copy a section of the song with the selection tool, selecting the bit, hit Command C and Command V after moving the position to the new place. Something goes wrong, because it’s not copied - my fault, it isn’t possible in Cubase using that method - and suddenly I have the original section filled with copy parts beneath each other, and when I try to hit play Cubase goes down, the sound disappear and everything stops.
When I found out that there was a problem with the copies sitting beneath each other, I deleted that part of the song, disabled all track and turned them on again, but now I have really bad performance. Even when Cubase is stopped! The Real-Time peak meter around 50% and I have crackles and notes cut-off. I have tried to restart but it doesn’t help much.
I have experienced this before together with occasionally quits of Cubase, so I decided to reinstall my studio Mac 3 weeks ago. I finished today :cry:
It’s weird because it seems that Cubase deteriorates over time, so for every hour you work on a project the risk of having major problems increases.
Keeps looking back to Logic :confused:

My guess would be that when you pasted the data, perhaps you did not have the highest track in order selected and so Cubase attempted to put the copied material onto new tracks and load new plugins, which overloaded the system. Or the duplication of the MIDI data is being played twice so it is overloading that way.

Are you using the Freeze function at all in the project? When you reach a point where you are starting to “mix” the project, are you raising the buffer size to give the system more time to process your requests?

I struggle a little with the Selection Tool, don’t think it is intuitive to use, but I know I have to find time to read the manual on that. I never use freeze, I have a top tuned MacPro 5.1 with 2 3.46ghz cpu and 48 gb ram all samples on SSD. It should be enough for that little combo. When I use my big orchestral template I go up to 256 in buffer. When I mix I’ll go to 512 though.

The key for me is to always do a 2 step process when I go to paste.

  1. Set the Cursor to the desired location.
  2. Select the first/highest track I want to paste on.

Personally, I think Freeze is great regardless of the system and I’ve started working Render In Place into my workflow as well, which has been very helpful for editing audio that was originally generated by a VSTi, adjusting fades, levels, etc.