Performance impact when FileVault2 is enabled?


given all the recent discussion on data security and so on, I was wondering on what the impact might be for typical Cubase 7 / Halion 5 usage if I enabled FileVault 2 on all my Mac partitions. Has anyone tried that and knows the results?


Given that Filevault will add a process of encryption/decryption a better way might be just to not load those partitions when you are connected to the internet. You can prevent them from mounting by editing the hidden fstab file with Text edit, or an easier way is to use Tinkertool System to just add those volumes to it. You then have to use Disk Utility to mount them, but it’s no bigger of a step really than typing in passwords.

Sorry I can’t tell you how much slower the encryption would be. This way just seemed better to me. If you try Filevault, let us know how it goes. To really minimize the chances of viruses, malware and snoops infecting your hard work, have a separate offline system for your audio work completely. Lots of people do that and most companies will generate some kind of keyfile for authorizations you can transfer over. It also has the added benefit of having a totally clean system for audio, without adding any extra processes for all the other fun stuff we add to our computers. Some people hate the Steinberg dongle, but it actually makes this a breeze.

Little Snitch, by the way, is a great way of watching which applications are calling home and blocking them if you don’t want to remove them completely.