performance issue, anybody with a i7 7820x?


I just switched from a i7 2600k to a i7 7820x with an Asus tuff 2 motherboard, and so far i am disapointed with the real time performance on latency over how many vsti and/or plug in i can maintain without going in the red, anybody with a similar configuration that could help me to compare performance, a big plus if having a focusrite scarlett audio card, but not mandatory .

Thanks a looooot


I have a 7820X overclocked to 4.3ghz on all cores. Performance has been pretty good, but do have one project that really struggles - tons of pretty thirsty VSTs there mind.

First thing to check - have you reduced the number of cores from 16 to 14? There’'s an issue with Cubase in Windows for more than 14 cores. Follow the instructions in this thread -


first thank for replying, deeply appreciated

My 7820x is on constant 4.5ghz with watercooling,
i heard about the 14 core issue , but didnt think it matter a lot, but i will give it a try, do you think we could agree on a comon project with the same plugin and number of track to compare our set up?

what is your mother board and sound card?

thanks again


ho sorry just saw your set up now, i am on cubase 9.5 by the way, windows 7 64 bits

do you think 16 vs 14 cores is also an issue in windows 7 64?

Ah, didn’t spot that - no, I think it’s just W10 but don’t know for sure.

Not sure about trying to create common projects, it’s a huge amount of work to really get like for like. You’d need to check single and multi core scores in a variety of different scenarios, and even then there will be differences between our rigs. Before I bought I checked out the DAW bench scores and Scan were good enough to do a few single core tests for me too. AFAIK my performance is exactly in line with this.

One of the big headlines that came out of all that testing for me is what a poor host Cubase is, even with ASIOguard2. You’d get double the mileage out of Reaper. VE Pro is similarly efficient.

EDIT - I was part of a thread on the sound board forum on testing DAWs which has a ton of useful info. You’d need to register to see it -