Performance issue tempo ramp/vi (kontakt) (solved)

since i upgraded to cubase 8 (same issue on 8.0.5) i have a problem in one of my project where the tempo ramp goes down in the end. as long as i have the NI Kontakt ( instance active, which at that point is playing session strings pro, the performance gets really bad, the playback stutters and sometimes completely crashes cubase.

now i don’t know if this is a cubase or a kontakt issue - just wanted to see if more of you have experienced the same issue or if it’s… unique… to my configuration :wink:

thanks & cheers

Yes, a longstanding Kontakt issue. The only fix for any Kontakt afflicted patch is to turn off ext sync on the Kontakt taskbar. NI have been aware of it for ages, really do want a fix for this.

thanks noiseboyuk!
strange though that it seems to be worse now in cubase 8 pro since the same projects have never caused audio artefacts/performance spikes before…

that said: turning off external synch does the trick - thanks again! i guess this only sucks if you actually have tempo synched patches running… then it’s not an option…