Performance Issues Cubase 8.5

Hey guys, I purchased the update and I have enormous performance issues. Cubase 8.5 won’t open most of my recent projects I created in Cubase 8. While the asio bar seems ok in Cubase 8 it is clipping in 8.5 and freezes the whole program. Any solutions on that?

Check your plugins! Those you are using in the 8.0 projects!


iZotope Ozone, iris, native instruments.

works fine on cubase 8 though.

Try starting Cubase in safe mode, and post the result.

Same problem :frowning:

Disable Asio guard. Enable multi processing.

Hi :slight_smile:

The performances are exactly the same as cubase 8 in my case (Smooth globally).
Except when I active/show chrods track :frowning: More info -> Cubase 8.5: Chord Symbols = Sluggish GUI

My Settings :

  • Multi processing / ON
  • Asio Guard / ON (Normal)
  • Priority increase
  • Steinberg audio optimization / OFF

Hope you will find quickly what’s wrong :exclamation:

Thanks for the advice. It really seems that asio guard is frying my computer. Anyone else having this issue? Asio Guard works fine on Cubase 8 though.

I don’t even have VST yet… Just few of them. First minute first goal. This is also brand new Windows 10 installation

this is interesting, as I have just opened a C8 project in C8.5 and it was able to Real-Time Export, whereas previously, it could not, without a cpu overload warning. This being in Windows 7SP1 Pro; I have found Windows 10 to be an irritating handful, of which there is not the time to deal with, but I have been informed that tweaks and updates are on the way, so keep checking Windows Update.

same problem with asioguard
i have open an old project and doesn’t work in 8.5 the interface goes extremly slowly,
i have REOPEN THE CPR FILE IN CUBASE 8.030 AND ALL OK, i have put in bypass alla plug an save with another name.
I have the new project with plugin bypassed in cubase 8.5 dand DOESN’T WORK,
i have disable audio guard, and now i have a responsive gui, i have try to enable the plugin bypassed
and Cubase goes extremely slow.

@alriccu: Could you resolve your problem? I still didn’t figure out how to work Cubase 8.5. I have the same performance issues on many old projects.

Did C8.5 really solved your “real time export” CPU overload issue?

My machine could not run Cubase 8.5 - so I spent $1600 on a new one.

Basically playback was freezing on the most basic project after a few seconds. I tried all combination of settings including a fresh install of Windows 7 and Windows 10 (both 64-bit) but the problem was exactly the same.

My old machine was a fairly old Dell M4400 with SSD and 4GB ram.
My new machine is a 4 core Intel i7 with 32 GB ram.

I suspect that putting more ram into the laptop, which worked SO well for so many years, would have fixed it, but I didn’t want to throw good money after bad.

I feel a bit cross that I spent $1600 to get back to the stability and performance I enjoyed on Cubase 7.5.

Cubase 8 DID run on the laptop OK, but it was a bit slow.

I guess sometimes you have to upgrade!

It would help if machine specs were available from people who are experiencing problems!

I have just bought a new computer and installed Cubase Pro 8.5. But I am a bit dissapointed about the performance. The VST performance is peaking when using 14 vst instrument tracks. When I was using Reaper on my old laptop, I had no problems at all. I bought this computer running Win 10 64 bit. I use an usb soundcard Presonus audiobox iTwo, and selected maximum buffer size 2048. Can you please advice me. What am i missing? Why do i have performance issues?

Core i7-6700K 4 x 4 ghz quad
DDR4-2666 16 GB kingston hyperx fury
Nvidia Asus GTX 980 4 GB STRIX
SSD Samsung 950 pro 512 GB

Please help. Do I need more RAM, or does it make a difference?

Here’s a good starting point to getting the most out of your machine: Steinbergs guide to optimising is a bit generalised and long in tooth last time I looked at it…

I installed Windows 10 once Steinberg updated the driver for my MR816csx. Cubase 8.5 was running with occasional dropouts before optimization. In optimizing my system, after allowing Microsoft to update my video driver, Cubase was reduced to quivering mass of horrible static, machine-gun dropouts and actually SLOWER playback. I used LatencyMon to track down the issue. It turned out to be a 3D driver that was installed along with the updated video card drivers. After uninstalling it, my machine has worked well.

Video card drivers have been the primary source of performance issues on my systems to date.

how many instruments at the same time can you run before peaking?

which one? im running win10