Performance issues: dropouts - especially after around two seconds

Hi everyone!

Here’s a question where it’d be so lovely to find some help. I’m getting small dropouts! Usually it happens within around two seconds when pressing playback (already annoying when trying to judge sound) - but unfortunately also when trying to render. If I start the rendering over and over again sometimes it works after a while. But then it doesn’t make me feel very confident that there might not be small glitches or things alike hard to notice. Since I’m using outboard gear, I can only do real-time renders.
So here’s my setup:

Mac-Pro Mid 2010, 3,46 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon, 48 GB RAM
OS-X 10.14.6
WL Pro 10.0.70
PT-HD-native card

Now the CPU-load might not be small. But than, in PT I can run a ton more plug-ins simultaneously and no dropouts, no anything. And it’s a native system, so there shouldn’t be a difference.
I tried different buffer sizes - it doesn’t seem to do much (so I’m running it on 2048 samples).
Help is very much appreciated! And PLEASE no comments on the computer or things alike. As I said: it runs all fine in PT, so it’s not an insufficient CPU I’m on.

What, if any, plugins are you using?

Hi Thomas!

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I use plugins which are in the concrete case: Nugen Monofilter, Softube Tape, Kush Clariphonic, Sonnox Dynamic EQ, Goodherz Dither, DMG Equilibrium, Leapwing Dyn3. It’s a problematic live-mix I’m working on, so I do need quite some detailed processing. I almost exclusively use the VST-3 variants - not sure if it would be a good idea trying different.