Performance issues on Cubase 7.5 latest CPU

I’m tired fighting with the performance issue since I upgraded to the latest available CPU in the selected price range.
I experience pops and clicks almost all the time when I add more than 1-2 midi tracks (VSTs) to Cubase 7.5.
First I thought it only causes issues with NI Kontakt instruments, but then realized it behaves the same way with other VSTs: arturia, spectrasonics, etc… I run some Latency tests, but they show no issues with hardware or drivers.

Is it a well-known problem or my PC is special?

My specs:
i7-8700K; 32gb ram; 512gb v-nand; audient id22

Your PC is special. :wink:

Of course some have similar issues but, my guess is that most don’t (I don’t anyway). I suppose it would help us to help you if we knew exactly how your computer is setup in regards to the power management and such. Also more detail about the graphics card might help. You say you have been fighting performance issues. What exactly have you done? Questions like what motherboard, are all drivers up to date. Are the VSTs used up to date? Info like that.

Basically, the more detail the better.

Regards :sunglasses:

I think my problem is not related to the Cubase as I tried to install different DAWs (including Cub10), ASIO drivers and even RME Babyface AI. The problem remains. I think it might be related to a motherboard with Z370. I’m looking into it, but ports maybe an issue.