Performance issues on Intel® Core™ 12th gen

What does this mean… for one who are looking into building a new computer for Cubase and Nuendo?

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Yes. It is a hint that you may encounter issues, but it also may be that everything is fine.

So you can do workarounds that may or may not work very well? I get that much… But does it mean that Steinberg is lagging behind the technology with their flagships?
Are there an estimated timeframe to when the issue is fixed?
etc, etc

Almost everyone that does high-performance computing has problems with these chips, because Windows doesn’t give good control to express what threads should get “high performance” versus not.
Also, there are only so many “high performance” cores to go around, and the lower performance cores may cause glitching if important tasks get scheduled there.
These problems show up when you make projects that are pushing the hardware heavier than the “little” cores can deal with on their own; certain instruments like Pharlight and Straylight are known to cause such problems; others work just fine.

For what it’s worth, I got a Threadripper instead, and I’m happy with it. For less money, you can also get something like the Ryzen 5950X, which runs Cubase very well.


No, first of all it is a problem of the operating system and how it distributes processes across Cpu cores.

No. This is not simply a “fix”, this needs much more. It is not just a bug that needs to be “fixed”

I am running a 13900K slightly overclocked and have no issues whatsoever.


Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for valuable info :slight_smile:

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is it only Windows 11 related?

Like always in Windows it depends on how your power settings are configured! Make sure core parking is disabled. Open Power management and make sure to save a custom version where processor power management is set to minimum/ maximum 100%.

As I understand it, yes

The new processer generation will work with Windows 10 as well, but it is not optimized for it. So yes, you should go with Windows 11 here.

Wanted to wait till the 14th gen. Hopefully this is gonna fixed by then.

I wonder who needs to work with who to get this issue moving forward,
intel with steinberg,
microsoft with steinberg,
both with steinberg ?

why spend money on new hardware, if the software does not support it fully…

Microsoft with Intel as it seems. As soon as they sorted it out, Cubase should work as expected again.

had no issues with a 12700k until a couple of days. Now I found out that Kontakt Player, newest version, with the Noire piano has a problem. If I freeze the instrument, everything is fine. So I’ll freeze the instrument when the piano track is finished. Actually, I recorded a full album without noticing anything.

I hope that there will be a Windows patch or a Cubase update that will solve it soon in Cubase 12 :frowning: I want my e-cores to participate when working on a project

So the Kontakt player causes issues? What should Steinberg do in this case?

It is not a Steinberg product, you need to talk to NI in this case.

Hi, i was actually looking into a processor upgrade recently as currently running a i7 6700k so pretty dated. Is it not just a safe bet to stick with a slightly older processor that doesnt use this new technology if your main reason for upgrading is using cubase?
Whats the latest generation of processor that doesnt utilised e cores and works fine with cubase?

Intel 11th generation, with the i9 11900k being the flagship 8 cores, 16 threads, with a base frequency of 3.5 Ghz and a max of 5.3 Ghz.

This I don’t know. But my guess is that it should be fine.

As @Prim_69 already mentioned, it is the 11th generation, but if it works fine with Cubase depends on a lot more than just a CPU.