Performance Issues with Cubase 11 under heavy load (probably CLA Epic related)

Hey there,
I am super satisfied with the performance of V11 so far. But editing a rather big project using a few instances of the new Waves CLA Epic plugin I experience some performance issues.

  • On the one hand there are extensive audio drop outs when using ASIO Guard, but ONLY when the tracks with CLA Epic on are NOT selected. So the ASIO Guard seems to be buggy in conjunction with that plugin. I already removed it from ASIO Guard which solves the problem. The plugin sucks a ton of performance, though (I am aware that’s probably a third party issue, just wondered if anyone else had the same issues, Cubase 10.5 certainly does).

  • On the other hand Cubase 11 frequently crashes (only in that project) resulting in an awfully loud buzzing sound and complete freeze (until I help myself with task manager to close the program). I am pretty sure that’s also either CLA Epic, or Kontakt Player causing the crashes, but I can’t confirm that. It says there’s a problem with the d3d11.dll (I think that’s some DirectX 3D graphics handler?).

I’d love to attatch the dmp-file so that someone with some better knowledge might know, what it’s about, but the file format is not accepted by the new forum software, how do I best make it available?
It’s a very big project to be fair, but it should run fine with ASIO Guard on and a 2048 buffer size. I’ve certainly had my computer (Ryzen 2700X) handle bigger projects on lower buffer sizes.

(I don’t use the Steinberg Audio Performance preset for the Windows Energy Settings, just in case that makes a difference. In previous version it seemed to suck performance on Ryzen rather than increase it)

All the best,

hi Berlin

try adding the .dmp file again - you will need to zip it up first

Windows 10 here - with CLA epic and not having any problems like you describe

Ahh. Could have come up with that myself. lol (918.0 KB)

I’ve been getting a cpu overload the last week or so. Freezes and I’ve tried safe start but still freezes with a cpu overload. Last happened opening EQ F2. Once with XST Amp. Not even big projects., Afraid to open anything big until fixed.