Performance Maxed out all of a sudden in C9 Pro

In the last week i started having performance issues where my system would max out as the song file progressed. I am currently using C9.0.20 and things have been running fine. This happens with full blown projects as well as minimal projects of two acoustic guitars and a bass track. I have a custom built audio computer by ADK systems 16gig of ram. There is plenty of space left on my OS drive as well as my audio projects drive. I am running W10 and my interface is a Lynx Aurora 16.
The interesting thing is I can open a file in C8.5 Pro that is problematic in C9 Pro and it runs flawlessly. I did the latest update for C9.0.40 and the same result. I am at a loss. I am attaching screen grabs of the identical file in both versions of Cubase and at the same point that C9 crashed to illustrate my point…I know, some will say I should go to C9.5 but I can’t stand the dark drab Mixer surround. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. I am a professional studio and i kept having these issues last night with a client recording three tracks of audio and no plugins. I switched back to 8.5 without my clients knowledge and the rest of the session went fine.
Thanks in advance

I was having same issue but with latest Version of Cubase, 9.5.20.
But the same projects run fine on Cubase 9.030.
Did you try reducing ASIO buffer?
I can go to 128 on C 9.030 with a Thunderbolt Focusrite interface on a Win 7.
But for C 9.5.20 I have to jump to 512 and I still get Max out performace meter and temp freezing and glitches.
I posted about it 1 week ago and all I got back was “likely a systems issue,” ja, the typical blame the user’s hardware.
On the other hand, with automatic Win updates it is hard to know if a recent update has made a mess of things. Microsoft is not known for its love for the audio/midi field.
I am going back to a version that works well for me and will not update or pay again for upgrades until I confirm in the forum that people are not having these kind of issues.
I will be surprised if you get meanigful help.
Stay with what works, more updates and hot fixes are coming but who knows what they will bring.

I haven’t checked that but I’ve made no changes to my system or done any Windows updates recently, certainly not since this started a week ago