Performance on Mac

I’ve spent the past 2 weeks on a collaboration which required Logic Pro 9. I am gob smacked by how much more you can throw at Logic before processing power becomes an issue. The project we worked on was over 100 tracks and very heavy on instruments and effects, and never once came close to maxing out the CPU. In contrast, similar projects in Cubase max out well before and require tracks to be frozen or bounced.

I wont be switching to Logic, as I prefer Cubase’s workflow, but wow, what a difference! Even the GUI (which I dislike) was very responsive right to the end.

That’s all.

Yep, that was the first thing i noticed when jumping onto Cubase from LP9, as a sofaproducer on an ancient 2.4GHz dualcore macbook pro the differences are astonishing.

I started using Cubase on a Mac. Never ran very well. So I switched to a PC DAW. Runs great now.

I used to be a Mac Zealot. No more. The new Mavericks OS stinks. Bad.

That is your opinion and you’re entitled to it but imo this thread was about differences in daw performances on mac, and not mac-win bashfest / how windows daws compare to ones on mac…

The performance difference between logic and Cubase is somewhat dependent on what you are doing and what your workflow is. If you are working with Virtual Instruments and are playing in Live mode, Logic can initially appear much more efficient, but there is a tipping point, where everything goes horribly wrong. If you are not using live mode, Logic adds an extra buffer, so in order to get the same performance with Cubase, just increase your soundcard buffer. FWIW this is sort of what ASIO Guard is designed to do.


The point is that Cubase runs better on a well spec’d PC than a Mac. Always has. I’m not engaging in a “mac-win bashfest”; just sharing my experience having run both platforms and finding Cubase running on a Win7 platform to be superior.

Even though this is a Steinberg Cubase forum, I don’t care if folks want to drag Logic (or Mac, or Logic on a Mac) into the discussion. But don’t accuse me of starting a “bashfest” when the thread itself is bound to elicit strong “opinion” that may run counter to your own.

I repeat, Mavericks OS stinks real bad. That comes from someone that has run Macs since 1985. YMMV

My projects can go up to 48 tracks with FX and Group Channels and my performance meter is always below 50%.
7.5 is Rock Solid on OSX 10.9. Cubase 7.5 has a better and faster workflow Logic Pro X is an inferior DAW unfortunately always behind cubase.

Some people prefer sympathy over solutions! :wink:

Same here. No probs.