Performance on OSX

How is the overall C10 performance on OSX?

C9.5 is my goto DAW, but it always causes my Mac to overheat a bit when running rather basic processes, whereas Logic runs a little smoother (for obvious reasons). Please let me know if C10 is easier on Mac systems than C9 was.

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For me there’s no difference

Thanks for responding. I figured there wouldn’t be much performance difference. Also, based on the level of complaints so far in this forum, I’m going to wait for one or two maintenance updates before I upgrade to 10.

Cubase is by far the best! Back when I ran it on PC it was flawless. Once I switched to a MacBook, it still runs very well, but the overheating really gets to me.

For me, I didn’t hear the fans once since C10. But I also updated to Mojave at around the same time. PT 12 was also triggering my fans rather quick on rather small sessions and I don’t hear anything when working in PT also. So, it’s hard to pinpoint if it’s C10 or Mojave that solved the problem. But it’s still too early to tell, I didn’t have much time with those DAW in the last week or so. As usual, with Logic it’s dead silent on bigger projects.


I have the exact opposite of what others said. I just bought a new 6 core Mac mini yesterday and I am having unusable performance with Cubase 10. Glitches and pops and terrible timing with far less tracks and plugins than my 2013 2 core iMac that died yesterday.

All the audio/midi hardware is the same, and changing the buffer of the audio interface lower or higher doesn’t help. The performance meter runs about half way with 2 instrument, 8 audio, 2 midi tracks, and 6 plugins.

It’s disheartening, and I can only think it is either/all cubase, Mojave’s, or the focusrite driver.

Well, the mini has an headphone/output jack so you can run native audio to rule out if it’s the focusrite driver.