Performance with 4790K CPU

Hey guys, the 4790K has been released for a while now and I was wondering how the performance is compared to an i7-940. Would be great, if someone who actually runs Cubase on an i7 4790K could share their impressions.

I am still contemplating wether to go with an i7 4790K or wait for the 5930K or even Skylake, since I don’t want to spend money on a new DAW, if the overall performance boost is lower than 50%.


I’m not sure but a computer builder told be that a a I7 4930k would be double the power of my current I7 970 (both 6 core).

Two sites for basic performance comparisons:

a) CPUBoss

b) CPU World.

Just know that raw performance figures don’t always translate into direct DAW advantages. If you are using all SSDs and enough memory (like 32/64GB), then the CPU is going to be the biggest bottleneck.

Thanks for the responses. How many instances of Ozone 5 Advanced can you load on your 4930K Patanjali?

Ozone 5 Advanced is really Performance Hungry on my i7-940.

We haven’t done any tracks since we got the new system, and I haven’t run up any existing projects to see how they fare now.

Ozone is highly configurable, and depending on the selections, CPU usage can be VERY heavy. Just changing what seems like a small setting can ramp up CPU usage considerably. Running at 192k on my old 920, with REVerence in stereo mode and Ozone’s Maximizer, I couldn’t run the latter at anything above the lowest IRC limiting mode without dropouts.

We are planning to record a couple of tracks in a couple of weeks, probably using similar settings to what we have used in the past, so I will report performance when we do.

all the benchmark info you need

Hey Scott, thanks for the link. I’ve been following your benchies on the new Haswell-E’s too and I am excited for your system recommendation as soon as everything runs stable. I really think I can’t wait another year for Skylake since the performance of my i7-940 Dell built computer with 8 GB 533 MHz Ram is slowing my workflow down. I use many effect plug ins and VSTs along with some very ressource hungry Plug ins like diva and ozone advanced How can I run a benchmark on my current system to be able to compare it to your benchmarks. Thanks a lot!
I used the RXC as the plugin.

Don’t forget, just installing a 6 core I7 970 into your current rig would probably give you a 30-40% increase in power (overclocked, I upgraded over a year ago from a I7 920 and got close to 50% increase)

On the 4930K is listed as more powerful than the 5930K. Can that be? On studiocat adk Haswell E setups @ 4,4 GHz are already listed. According to Scotts Benchmarks running the 5960x @ around 4,5 GHz is a massive performance gain over the 4930k. I hope stable systems are becoming soon available.

Ok I just benchmarked the i7-940: The RXC-EXT result was 91 on 256 Buffer Size.

Thank you guys so much for all the information. I know for sure now, that I will go for a Haswell E!