Performer cannot connect to Pro - Version problem?

I just bought VST Connect Pro. Downloaded Performer and I am running it on another network separate from my Connect Pro network. Started Pro and it was able to recognize Performer as a friend on my other network. Performer then tried to connect but after a few seconds I get this message: “Sorry, connection failed. Make sure both sides use the same up-to-date version!”.

I just downloaded Connect Pro and Connect Performer. I am assuming these are the latest versions since I downloaded them directly from my MySteinberg account.

Any ideas? Thank you!

did you try again at a later time?

H Gary,

I’m not sure where the downloads are in MySteinberg - just checked my account and no link to download - maybe only when you complete the purchase ? either way their store isn’t always the best at keeping up to date… latest versions are 4.0.44


download for PRO and SE is the same


latest IOS version of performer is 4.0.40 available from the apple app store.

no reason to use older versions