Performer Crashing on Open - VST3 Causing

I installed Performer 4.0.42 on macOS 10.15.4 yesterday and have been fighting crashes ever since, but I have determined a specific cause.

If I have any large file-size .vst3 in my folder when I try to open Performer, it immediately crashes. If I remove these .vst3 files from my folder, it opens no problem (but I obviously can’t use my plugins in this case).

The 3 offending .vst3 files are between 50-80MB, and created by Neural DSP and STL Tones. Performer has no trouble handling my other vst3 files in the 4-9MB range. I do have have vst2 files for these plugins, but Performer doesn’t see them in the folder (but doesn’t crash when they’re present like it does if the vst3 files are there).

How can I get Performer to open and use these files? Thanks so much for your help!

we’d like to learn which plugins cause problems. I highly doubt that it has to do anything with the plugins size.
You need to specify a VST2 folder to scan in the Performer plugins settings.

The 3 plugins causing the crash:
STL Tones - Tonality: Will Putney
Neural DSP - Archetype: Plini
Neural DSP - Fortin Cali

Each of these programs installed .vst files into Library>Audio>Plugins>VST and .vst3 files into Library>Audio>Plugins>VST3.

In Performer settings, I’ve specified my VST2 folder as Library>Audio>Plugins>VST. I have both boxes (VST2 Path and Activate VST3) checked.

When I have all of my .vst files in the VST folder, but I remove the 3 aforementioned .vst3 files out of the VST3 folder, Performer opens normally and locates all plugins except for the 3 offenders (again, .vst files are in VST folder, .vst3 files removed from VST3 folder).

As soon as I place any of these 3 .vst3 files back into the VST3 folder and try to reopen Performer, it crashes (“vstconnectperformer quit unexpectedly”).

Truly, there are 2 issues with these plugins: Performer is not finding the .vst files, and Performer is crashing when .vst3 files are present.


I am sorry that those crashes. We need to analyse your settings. The VST Connect Performer apps has saved 3 files for the VST/3 handling. There are stored here
/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/VSTConnectPerformer
The files are

Can you please zip this VSTConnectPerformer folder and send it to me : m.spork (at)

Thank you,


we’ve identified the bug and fix it. “VST Connect Performer” version 4.0.44 contains the fix.
What was it? The Performer had trouble to load iLok protected Plugs on Mac 10.14.6 and 10.15.x

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