Performer on iPad not compatible with Connect Pro 4?

I recently bought VST Connect Pro and had great success with connecting another PC.

But trying to connect to ipad makes a lot of errors, and most of the times “somone trying to connect to you, but uses an incomparible version”.

Both the iPad app VST Connect Performer and Cubase 10.5 Pro with VST Connect Pro are the very latest versions.

Is this for real? The latest ipad app not compatible with the latest Connect Pro?

I think this might be the issue:


VST Connect Performer and Studio Pass for iOS users - please read!

The VST Connect 4.0.40 update is currently not compatible with VST Connect Performer and Studio Pass for iOS! The updates for the iOS apps are expected to be released in April 2020.

Thanks! :smiley:
Meanwhile, will downgrading to Connect Pro 3 solve this? I will give that a try.

V3 comes with a whole host of extra issues - my advice is to hang fire, my understanding is that the app is ready to go and is just waiting for Apple app approval

good to hear you had success connecting to a PC client though


the web site says later this month… would anybody know when it would be released?

I am also waiting for an update of the ipad app. Bought it some weeks ago and thought it would be a matter of days.

How is it going @Steinberg…are you going to update the app anytime soon?

It’s ready to go, we hope it will be released this week.


Thanks for the upgrade. Indeed, now it connects and generally also records.

However, somehow loop recording is not working. When I do a loop recording, there is a glitch at the end of the playback and then it does not record anymore. Audio events are getting created in Cubase yet there is no data. Only the first take contains sound.

I am using the latest version of vst connect and when I connect to another computer, loop recording works fine. I should also mention that I use the ipad app in lan mode, whereas the connection to other computers are external.

Any suggestions what I could try to make loop recording work with the ipad app?

What exactly do you mean by ‘loop recording’, can you provide a step-by-step way to reproduce your problem?