I was using Vst Performer in my MacBook
Air (Monterrey OS)…without Big problems. When I installing Cubase Artist 7.5…Vst Connect “Performer” don.t want to work any more.
I must to uninstalling and delete all folder from Steinberg to reinstall cubase Vst Performer to fix It. If I reinstall cubase Artist 7.5 the problem with Performer appears again.


I guess a public library of Cubase Artist 7.5 was installed to the folder
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components
And on of the libraries troubles the VST Connect Performer. Can you name us the files inside this folder?


There are only one file inside. eucon65.bundle

If delete this file the vst performer runs again.

… thank you for your feedback. We have added a bug-entry for that one.


Sorry my English is no so good…
Are you looking a solution to fix it?

… yes, we want to fix that bug. But at the moment we do not know a release date for a new update.