Permanent Activation Code

I had bought a UR22 a few months ago. During the setup process I remember an issue with activating the product but it let me continue without the full activation. I have not been able to play around with it for a few months and now I am not even able to access the application because I need to reactivate the license. Unfortunately this has become a wild goose chase.
The activation code that I received (and keep receiving) is not unique and the control center from elicense is telling me that the e-license is not up to date. I can’t do anything without the other and I have no way of getting this information.

#1- Where do I find the current elicense number?
#2- How do I get a permanent activation code?

I am not tech illiterate and there appears to be issues from top to bottom on the registration/activation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Looks like it’s related to an issue I have too (see Their license server must be broken somehow, we have to wait until support team is back from holidays I guess.