Persistent CPU Load issues - any clues?

Hi there

I’ve had some real problems running C7 having had a really good experience with C6.5 with the same hardware and same setup. I can only get a reasonably stable project with latency of 12ms+ - this is reported in VST setup as 24/36ms (presumably this is the overall round trip latency) but the CPU bar is still hovering around 30 - 50% with occasional spikes and stutters if I do something rash like resize a window or scroll across. Even with the highest possible buffer settings, the CPU meter is still 20 - 30% and moving around.

I can’t use Ozone 5 anymore, which is my favourite mastering plugin as this completely screws the performance, regardless of buffer settings.
Interestingly, a few weeks ago I reinstalled Windows 8 (previously it was over a Win 7 installation) but this may well have left the old prefs behind from C6 / C6.5 somewhere. ‘Refresh Windows without affecting your files’ seemed like such a helpful feature until I realised (afterwards!) that this meant that every single non-Windows piece of software would be removed. AAAAAAARGH!!! Even this (unintentionally) radical action didn’t improve things, but at least I got rid of some of the more irritating Sony software.

What do I need to get rid of to wipe out these old prefs in case these are causing the issue? I’ve tried disabling Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth, rolled graphics drivers backwards and forwards, played with swapfile settings, graphics settings, power profiles (all settings max performance), C3/C6 in and out of the Bios and all sorts of stuff but nothing seems to improve performance. It’s driving me nuts!

If someone could give me a clue on eliminating old prefs or any other ideas, I’d be really grateful. C7 is such a cracking version but this is really frustrating - surely it should work pretty well on my hardware?

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To reset the prefs from cubase, you have to go into your app data file (Im not by my computer right now) but i think it’s something like in the c:/users/yourname/appdata/steinberg/cubase folder, you have to remove the pref folder for cubase from here and it will rebuild a new one. This will cause your key commands and settings to be reset, so back them up! Your appdata folder may be hidden, an you will have to go Ito windows and configure your OS drive to show hidden folders first. I’m not sure if the directory I have is correct but it’s something along the lines of that. I also ran disc cleanup on my OS drive to get rid of old windows files properly when I originally upgraded to windows 7. I haven’t jumped into 8 out of fear of instability, my c7.03 is working pretty well right now[productfamily]=2&tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[product]=282