Persistent otiose key-signature and clef

Hello Dorico users, I’m working with a score imported from sib via MusicXml. At the end of one section, the bongos part shows a treble clef and key-signature. Both are unnecessary, since the part is in percussion clef. But I cannot remove it or hide it. This is what it looks like (here selected, orange):

The only way I can remove it is by removing the barline. Then the two bars become one bar of 8/4, without key-signature. Like this.

But if I try and split the 8/4 bar into two bars of 4/4, then the unnecessary clef and key sig reappear in the bongo part. I should also note that, at the beginning of the piece, this Percussion Player plays glockenspiel, which does have a key sig. Any ideas what is going on here? Thanks.

Maybe a smarter person than I can decipher the issue, but I can’t tell without seeing the project file.

Could it be that there’s an errant something or other in the glockenspiel stave that’s forcing an instrument change?

Thanks, Leo. Yes there was an errant something or other. In fact, there was a bongo player playing simultaneously as the glockenspiel player, so Dorico couldn’t decide what kind of clef to insert.

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