Personal Dorico training remotely or in UK?

Are there any Dorico basic training services that are available for non-professionals (i.e. hobbyists) as remote sessions or in-person in the UK?

I am a complete novice in sheet music creation but have some experience in playing the piano and the harpsichord for fun. I want to create music sheets using Dorico for piano solo, piano and vocal, or piano and violin, things like that.

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Isaac, a number of certified Dorico trainers are listed on this Resources page:

You’re also very welcome to post questions and examples of what you’re trying to achieve here on the forum any time, and you’ll receive quick and friendly help and advice.

Hi Lillie,

Thank you for the information. It is exactly what I was looking for. I will also ask questions in the forum too.

Thanks again!

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