Petaluma font not installed

If I try and use the Petaluma font the noteheads and clefs are incorrectly assigned, I get oriental symbols for the time signatures and then a warning when I reload the project that Petaluma isn’t an installed font. Is there any way of installing it manually? I’ve tried reinstalling the the whole program and restarting. I’ve removed my user settings folder to force a restart there too but so far no success.
Petaluma not (446 KB)

Welcome to the forum, alswainger. Sorry you’re having problems with Petaluma. Are you on Windows or Mac? Can you check to see whether Petaluma, Petaluma Text and Petaluma Script are installed in your system fonts folder? On Windows, you can look in the Fonts applet in Control Panel; on macOS, you can run Font Book.

Hi Daniel,

I’m on Windows and the Petaluma font is not installed in my fonts folder in any of its forms.

Very strange! I don’t think I can recall this happening before. Please download the attached zip file and unzip it: you will find three OTF files inside. Drag these into the Windows Fonts folder and hopefully you’ll be all set. (729 KB)

Great - that was all I needed. Works perfectly now :slight_smile: Thank you