Petaluma in Master Page Editor

I’m loving the master page features, but I’ve always found it quite difficult to work with text in the master page editor when the music font is set to Petaluma.

  1. It’s very difficult to see exactly where the cursor is, particularly when next to the “{” and “}” symbols in text tokens.
  2. Those curly brackets also cause the vertical line alignment to display inaccurately, making it impossible to see how the lines of text will fit in the text box without jumping in and out of the master page editor.
  3. I’ve found a small bug in the “|” (vertical bar) symbol: it shows up in Print mode out of the bounds of the text line.

Would very much appreciate some improvements to these issues.

  1. I find it easier to just zoom in before editing the token
  2. Do you mean you just aren’t sure how large of a text box you’ll need when using a token, and so you jump in and out to check if it fits? I have huge text boxes for this reason Eg my composer text box would easily fit 4 lines of text in it and is aligned to the top-right of the box. I just need to move boxes from time to time.
  3. This doesn’t happen to me. Can you attach your project?