Petaluma nordic characters problem

I’m based in Norway. We have the special characters æ, ø and å in our written language. Unfortunately, the Petaluma font in Dorico seems to have problems with them.

Any chance of getting this fixed?

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On my Mac I have no trouble with Petaluma showing these characters although the œ is thinner.

I’m also on Mac. The æ does not have the right shape, and my screenshot is from the Print, Export to PDF view. Then it is misplaced like that. Can you try this also?

This is what it looks like in my print preview.



On Windows 11, the Petaluma Script font is completely missing Æ and æ. These two letters are substituted with another font. Clearly an oversight. It would be a good idea to tag the thread with “issue” to let the developers know about the problem.

In print mode graphic export–on the screen the œ also is misaligned (lower). But the actual exported PDF is correct.

These characters are not included in Petaluma Script, so you’re seeing substituted characters from another font, chosen automatically by the Qt framework.


Yes, but why are Æ and æ not included when Ä, ä, Ö, ö, Ø, ø, Å, and å are? After all, they are all Nordic characters.

Simply an oversight, I’m afraid.

Any chance of getting it added to the font?

Absolutely, in the fullness of time, but I can’t say for sure when we’ll be able to do it.


Is it possible to make your own substitute of the æ in Petaluma?

No, I’m afraid not.

Well Petaluma Text is not a full Unicode font with every known language. I suggest you look for a Unicode font that resembles the appearance you like in Petaluma.

If it is the case that you are after handwritten jazz type text fonts, you would do well to look at the selection at Notation Central:

You could ask about Nordic glyphs there. And @Nordine who is on this forum may be able to adapt his fonts to add your desired characters if not present already.

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