Petition to re-introduce the MIDI Phrase Synthesizer

I would be interested in the re-introduction of the MIDI Phrase Synthesizer

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When Steinberg moved from the VST to the SX line, a great, great Cubase feature never made it. The Cubase MIDI Phrase Synthesizer. This is a poll that attempts to collect votes from interested users as a petition to Steinberg for re-introduction of this great feature. Especially in light of the new advancements in VSL Pro 2, as well as the new MIDI expression editing capabilities, I feel that the idea is even more attractive now more than ever!

Yes - I’ll definitely give this a +1. And here’s another recent IPS thread with like minded folk:-

I dare say there’s perhaps a combination of tools (Arpache, Step Designer, Logical Editor) already in Cubase that can/will achieve similar results - eventually :slight_smile:

But, the IPS really was fun, as it used actual musical (or not.!) phrases as input/source… :wink:

You can’t buy cool.

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For sure. That thing was great.

Can’t vote; don’t know what it is…

Luck, Arjan

Again a worthless poll, nobody will vote against more content even if you don’t plan on using it.
Like Arjan I can’t vote because I don’t know it, but apparently many people like it so it must be useful.

Aloha guys,

It may also be a ‘legal’ thang.
Steiny may no longer have the legal right(s) to develop it.

I too would love to have it back but that being said;
there is always ‘LoopMash’.

LM is no where near the same as IPS but it is still a lot of fun.

Now if some of the IPS feature could be put in a future version of
LM, that IMHO would be killer.


I doubt it. it must have been a Steinberg invention from an era when there was no audio related software around to buy more or less. I don’t know if it was in Cubase Atari 1.0 or 1.5 but it was in 2.0. I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t a Steinberg invention :slight_smile:

Hmm… now even more curiouser as to why it was dropped, when SX ran out of steam. Was it the ‘code re-write’ era that caused it to disappear…? I just can’t remember. Addled brain. One minute its there, the next - poof…!!

I thought curteye was on to something with the ‘legal’ angle thang, but Ulf, you do make a fair point…

Leaves me :confused:

Cool - you were spot on HU… ! :wink:

haha! :smiley: