PG how did you do it?

I’m doing a simple render tonight but in multiple formats at the same time, and I cant help but think how in the world did you think of all this stuff PG, way to go, so good…


Thanks :slight_smile:
However, some people find a limit to the system, as the processing, before the audio format encoding, has to be the same for all formats. And this is not possible has the multi-format stage happens after the shared processing stage.

I must confess it was a very light process. I had dragged a file in from my explorer and was only rendering with no real extra processing, (although I guess thats not entirely true I was using the track processing you built in for the de essing and de noising). It all still worked very well, so my praise to you has to stay in effect, so sorry, :grin:

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Indeed. It’s a nice feature in theory but since I would prefer to have different dither settings for 24-bit WAV, 16-bit WAV/DDP, and mp3, the render multiple formats doesn’t work for me.

It would need to have a way to define a dither plugin (and specific settings, maybe a preset) to use when rendering each specific format.

With the way I work, it’s not a big deal to render each format one at a time though since the heavy lifting (long render) just happens one time, and the downstream renders go very fast because the only plugin running is a dither plugin. It goes fast.