PG, questions about the Ext Efx connection?

Another member has suggested that the latencey checking (when using this connection) is unnecessary when connection to analog gear. He is convinced that this feature was designed/intended for connecting to external gear that has a DAC/ADC chip in it.

Further he says that ZERO entered in the latency slot has proven to him that Steinberg’s latency guard system takes care of any latency. Frankly I tend to think he has a point, after my testing.

Do you have any words for me on this subject?

Hi, sorry I’m not PG but find the topic interesting…

One way is to send a click, tick or very short note through the audio chain
record it and see if it line up or not with the original at the same place.
There was a loopback test with Cubase many years ago for just this reasons
to test the sample accurate in the DAW.
I’m sure there is mastering engineer’s out there that know how it will work in WL.

regards S-EH

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it makes no difference if the converters placed in the interface… the delay compensation have to take account of the complete signal path
this covers the use of additional conversion as well

I understand the thinking here, it’s logical to think that something leaving the DAW and returning will take time. But then there’s ASIO Guard. Is it not involved in the process? And also Delay Compensation?