PG - Request for Control+Tab behavior in W7

I work with Wavelab daily. One of the things which I do is I work with few wave files at a time. I often use the Control+Tab, and Control+Shift+Tab to switch between the different files.
Control+Shift+Tab works great, however Control+Tab likes to switch between between the previous file and after that it switches to the next file until you release the command key. Then it again switches one file back before it switches to the next file. This is very annoying because if I want to switch to the next file I have to press Control+Tab three times.
I wish the Control+Tab always went to the next file and keep the Control+Shift+Tab as it is.
This could be an option in preferences.

It would also be handy if I could use Contro + a number to switch between specific files, kind of like switching between different tabs in current generation of Web Browsers such as Firefox.

By the way I’m using Wavelab 7 on a Mac.

I see what you mean, but then it should be an extra option. The current behaviour is wanted as default, because switching back and forth between 2 windows, is very common.
The Contro + a number to switch between specific files is nice, but these shortcuts are already taken… so many shortcuts are already taken.

I agree - if this was an option that would be great! The problem which I have with the current option is that it always goes back one file, and not necessarily to the last one I’ve worked with, which I think is the intention.

Also, it would be cool if all of this switching could be available as an option, so that the end-user could assign his own key combination to it.
Also some other optional keyboard shortcuts which I could use is anything that has to do with Loop-Tweaker, as well as Making certain type of markers, locking/unlocking markers etc. It would be nice to be able to just jump to those options right from the keyboard instead of using the mouse all the time.