Phantom Automation CC data after deletion

Hey all! So I have this weird automation leftover on CC1 for a couple of tracks. I’ve deleted the automation via Play → Automation and even even deleted all notes and events including any dynamics. But There’s some CC1 data that just won’t go away and it messes with any new notes and dynamics that is written to those measures.

Ideas on how to get rid of it short of creating a whole new stave for the same instrument and recreating the part?

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That data must be coming from somewhere. Check that you don’t have multiple instruments assigned to the same endpoint (i.e. the same combination of VST instrument, port, and channel) in the Track Inspector in Play mode. If you have another instrument assigned to the same endpoint, any dynamics that are written on the other instrument will also end up applying to this one. Chances are the CC1 data we can see come from the dynamics entered on another instrument.

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Hey, I totally forgot to give an update to this issue.

Dan, you were spot on (as usual) in that I had an instrument I had taken out of that particular layout but was still was mapped to same MIDI channel. Took me a bit to find it but you gave me the right clue.

Thanks so much!!

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