Phantom midi instrument i can't delete

I haven’t found a good solution so far:

this midi track is gone but still shows up on the mixer under this visibilty window!
trying to understand why i deleted the track but it still shows up on the mixer!

If you use an Instrument Track the MIDI, VSTi and its Audio output are all integrated into a single entity. When you delete an Instrument Track it will remove all of those components.

However if you use MIDI Tracks, they only handle the MIDI aspect and not the sound. The sound generation is its own separate thing and requires that a Rack Instrument (as opposed to a Track Instrument which is what Instrument Track’s use) be created and the MIDI Track routed to that Rack Instrument. Deleting a MIDI Track will not remove any Rack Instruments.

Most likely you have a Rack Instrument you don’t want. You can delete this in the Rack and it will vanish from the MixConsole.

In general it is easier and cleaner to use Instrument Tracks over MIDI Tracks. Take a look in the manual for more details.

Yea I’ve read the manual and this issue is not listed: .
I can simply make the track invisible on the mixer .
I’m more interested in why I can’t delete it .
I’ve noticed this before .

A midi track that has been deleted but still shows up on the mixer if it is visible .

Maybe you should read it again… Try to understand the difference between MIDI tracks and instrument tracks…

What is your instrument rack showing?

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I have a Virtual instrument for drums .
I added another midi track I labeled “ toms to record fills on drum VI .
I deleted the midi track
Now there is a phantom “ toms “
On the mixer if I make it visible .
I’m not asking about anything other than
“ why “ I can’t delete that mixer fader since the track that necessitated has been deleted .
If you don’t know that’s ok .

Just delete the VSTi in the Rack. I generally don’t use MIDI Track & Rack Instruments but what you are looking for will be where I’ve circled in this pic.

Because it is NOT the Track that is visible in the MixConsole, it is the Audio Output of a Rack Instrument.

Since multiple MIDI Tracks can all send their MIDI data to the same Rack Instrument removing a MIDI Track does not necessarily mean that there is no need for the Rack Instrument. The whole point of MIDI Tracks is to separate the MIDI from the sound generation - so that removing a MIDI Track does not impact the VSTi in any manner at all. The behavior you don’t like is the intended behavior of MIDI Tracks.

If the behavior you desire is that when a Track is removed its corresponding Channel in the MixConsole is also removed, if that’s what you want - then you should STOP using MIDI Tracks and START using Instrument Tracks.

Instead of using the midi track I should have used the empty lanes on the instrument track
( as opposed to sending an extra midi input on a new midi track )
So I’m hoping that’s what I did to get the non existing fader on the mixer !

Be patient - God isn’t finished with me yet
Cheers ! Thanks

Actually if you have an Instrument Track selected in the Project Window and then add a MIDI Track, by default that new MIDI Track will be connected to the VSTi on the Instrument Track but the MIDI Channel will be increased by 1.

Both ways are perfectly valid. I personally prefer creating additional MIDI tracks and route them to the VSTi (track instrument).

Ok . Cool
Thanks for the help
Apparently the mixer remembers tracks even if the track is deleted on the project window - provided said track is using the same vst instrument .
I hope that’s it !

That would explain the symptoms of my question .

Perhaps the confusion lies with the different track types in Cubase?
You can create a VSTi (virtual instrument) in Cubase in two different ways which yields different sets of tracks.
Creating a Rack instrument automatically creates an “instrument track” for the audio output of the VSTi. Typically this is a single stereo track that by default shows up in both the Arranger view as well as in the Mixer. In order to record MIDI for this Rack instrument one has to create a separate MIDI Track with its output routed to the VSTi. (Cubase asks by default if you would like to create this MIDI track upon creating the Rack instrument.) Additional MIDI tracks can be created and routed to the same VSTi. These accompanying MIDI tracks can also be visible in the Cubase Mixer with the right visibility settings.
The second way of creating a VSTi is by creating a Track instrument. When creating one, an “instrument track” is automatically created just as with the Rack instrument. The key difference is that the instrument track created has a “built-in” MIDI track in the Arranger view that allows MIDI events to be recorded or created directly on it. You can create separate, additional MIDI tracks that can be routed to an instrument track VSTi just as with a Rack instrument.
So, if you create a Rack instrument with an accompanying MIDI track, delete the MIDI track then the Instrument track is still there. Likewise if you delete the Rack instrument, the MIDI track is still left.

Brilliant . Thanks .
That’s perfectly clear .:trophy: