Phantom Note Problem

I’m cleaning up a midi piano part in Cubase 8 and ran into a very weird problem. There was one small area where, no matter what I did, I couldn’t make a couple chords go away. I isolated the half-bar area by splitting it off, and even removed it. Still, the notes sounded. I checked the beginning and ends of surrounding areas. No notes written, but they still sounded.

I checked the midi event list – no notes at the times I hear them. All other tracks empty at this timepoint.

Then I noticed that the track was record-enabled. I turned it off and played back. The notes went away!

Apparently, Cubase seems to automatically enable the track whenever I go into the piano roll to edit. The notes come back then, but when I leave the piano roll (and it’s enabling of the track), they go away.

Anyone else found this problem? I’m mystified why it is doing this – though I’m grateful it’s just happening in this one place.

Yes, it is pretty annoying that when editing a track it gets record enabled automatically. In my workflow I never want that to happen, and yet there is no way to disable the behavior.

Regarding your phantom notes. Check what you have the midi input for that channel set to. If it is set to All MIDI Inputs that could be the source. Some VSTi’s, for example some drummer programs, generate midi data and have midi outs that you can use as inputs for other VSTi’s. So you might be getting notes you don’t expect for something like that. Also if you are using a Chord Track make sure it isn’t sending notes to your piano track.

I’ve had this happen before though I don’t know of a solution.

Hey Raino, I could be mis-interpreting you but can’t you deselect “Enable Record on Selected Audio Tracks” in preferences to prevent that behavior? There is a similar selection for Midi tracks. they’re both under Editing > Project&MixConsole

You’d think that might do the trick, but it doesn’t. If you have those preferences checked then just selecting a track record enables that track. But it doesn’t effect what happens when you edit data on the track. If you are editing a midi part whatever track it is on will always be record enabled. There should be a preference similar to the selection one that says whether or not to record enable a track when editing a part on that track - but there isn’t. :frowning:

I feel kinda dumb. The problem was my chord track, which was reading in notes in some of the views, but not others – hence the confusion. Muting the chord track solved the problem.

Thanks, everyone!

Oh don’t. There are so many individual items that need to be set correctly it’s easy to miss one. We all do it.

This did remind me of back in the pre-DAW days when my cat would decide to take a stroll across my mixing board. It could take 20 minutes trying to figure out why no sound was coming out of the speakers. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Raino.

BTW, I think there’s a ‘ignore cat keyboard walking’ toggle somewhere now in Cubase.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember where it is located…

It’s in the Preferences Pets section.