Phantom Notes...Help!

I am new to the dorico world, and thus far I love it. Here is the only issue that I am having…I am finding that when I change a voice to another voice outside of the factory set voice, sometimes a"phantom" low Gb is heard in the playback. I don’t see a Gb in the midi notation, nor has it been placed in the written section. The phantom Gb plays at the beginning of the piece, and sustains the entire piece. HELP! :slight_smile:

It sounds like a keyswitch is being triggered and reading as a note rather than a key trigger. What is your playback setup like? (ie- what samples are you using, and have you made a custom expression map that might be misbehaving?)

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Thanks! See the screenshot of the settings. I haven’t made any custom expressions that I can remember. The phantom note is only playing in the string section, that I just changed. When I changed the voices back to “GM 049 String Ensemble 1” the issue persisted.

Go to the Endpoint Setup dialog (here’s how) and change the Expression Map column for the affected instrument to Default.

That fixed it! Thank you! :slight_smile: