Phantom or not!

Advise: I’m running a UR-22 usb interface and would like to use both inputs at same time i.e. mic in 1, electric guitar in 2 (for recording ideas/melodies etc).
Problem being is that my good mic needs +48v phantom and my guitar doesn’t. Is there any way around this or will I have to use a non-phantom powered mic?

It’s a non-issue. Power won’t be sent through the guitar cable.

Cool, I was looking at wiring diagram and panicked…
Would this also be the case if I was using a XLR to 1/4" adapter for guitar?

That I don’t know, but the inputs accept both xlr and 1/4 plugs, so there’s no need for an adapter.


the Hi-Z switch on input 2 allows for direct recording of electric guitar or bass without the need to use an additional DI box.

That depends a bit on how the XLR to TS is wired… If the phantom power leaks to the ground then it’s fine, but if it shorts then your audio interface will be unhappy.
Don’t use a XLR to TRS either, because those contacts will short when plugging into the guitar.

edit: Steve was faster, this was in reply to the message before him :wink:

Thank you both for quick reply’s…
I didn’t like the idea of frying both guitar and interface without checking first
Cheers :slight_smile:

Yes, definitely better to fry everything after checking! :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: That’s crazy, am new here.

I have a Steinberg UR-22 with two inputs, Input 1 and Input 2. There is a switch on the back panel that can turn on phantom power for both inputs. Unfortunately it’s not possible to turn on phantom power for just one input.

I connected an XLR cable to Input 2 and it gives phantom power between pins 1-3 and 1-2, and of course nothing between 2-3. There is another switch (button) on the front panel that can turn on high-impedance for Input 2. The phantom power stays on Input 2 if I turn on high-impedance. I don’t really understand why. Is there even any high-impedance input device that requires phantom power?

So I would like to record from the microphone while playing on the guitar. I would like to know is if I can plug in my unbalanced, high-impedance guitar and my condenser microphone together by turning on phantom power.


Yes you can.

I tried it with my UR22mkII.

  1. Measured voltage on guitar chord with voltmeter: result 0V. Phantom power drained to earth as it should.
  2. Both condenser microphone (RØDE NT-55) and guitar (Ortega electroacoustic bass) worked like charm at the same time.