Phantom power blues on CI2

Recently bought the CI2. The controller side works fine with supplied Cubase AI5.
Also bought a MXL 990 condenser microphone that requires phantom power but can’t get any sound from it through the CI2.

I am using a balanced mic cable. I’ve tested the mic at the music store with an XLR to XLR cable to an amp and it worked fine. I am confused regarding the CI2’s 1/4" to XLR connector on the mic side. I’m wondering if I need a different wiring to supply phantom power?

Of course, I have activated the phantom power on the CI2 console (the led indicator is on). I’ve tried the mic on both inputs on the CI2, but I get no (mic) sound (just a pop when I activate phantom power)

This is frustrating. This is also all new to me, so I am somewhat confused as well. Am I missing something very basic? or what? I’d certainly appreciate some assistance.

Just spent another frustrating three hours trying to figure this out. I borrowed two other mics and cables and alternated between the 3 mics and cables (some balanced, some unbalanced).

Only 1 of the 3 mics seems to be producing detectable sound, according to the CI2. But I have to crank the Phones and Input to the maximum to hear it. Yet when I attempt to record on an audio track - nothing.

If I can not obtain some help on this forum this week, I will return the CI2 to the store; it should not be this difficult to get a result, or get helpful information…

OK, I feel freaking stupid. :blush:

I was connecting a 1/4" cable to XLR for my mic because it didn’t seem possible to connect an XLR cable directly behing the CI2. I have never before seen a hybrid connector like that. So it never dawned on me (until 15 minutes ago) that perhaps I could connect an XLR directly in the CI2.

The mic works great! I feel a renewed sense of confidence in th CI2!