Phantom tracks, need help

Hey guys, I’m having this problem with Cubase Artist 6.0.7. I’ll delete a bad take, but you can still hear it. There will be no audio in any lane of the given track, but whenever that track isn’t muted, you can still hear the take I wanted to delete. What can I do to fix this?

Don’t know why CB is doing it, but go into the pool and erase everything you do not like. Radical but useful, I guess.

Maybe you are inadvertently recording to another audio track that has the record button lit - resulting in a ‘phantom’ recording.? That’s caught me out once or twice.


Found out the problem! Which is that I am stupid and had Melodyne active. >_> Thanks guys

It isn’t you being stupid… This is a trap that lots of folks fall into. :wink:

Only the stupid ones though… :mrgreen: :sunglasses: