Phase alignment procedures

Hi! Is there a function in cubase that lets you adjust the phase of multiple drum tracks, like the Time Adjuster plugin in ProTools? Say you have a track slightly off, but you dont want to flip the phase, how do you align waves perfectly without having to resolve to the long and boring manual cut and editing of every beat? Theres a video by warren huart doing that sort of speedy drum editing and it works so I wonder how to do it with cubase pro.


I take it this is what you are looking for…

For any HowTO’s on specific cubase functions it’s probably best to try searches on YouTube.

You could use track delay but just slipping the tracks to visually line up waveforms is probably easier.

This is not a replacement for flipping phase, time aligning and phase reversal are not the same thing.

Not sure where you’ve got the editing individual beats idea from…this is nothing to do with phase, you line up one beat of a multi miced drum kit across the tracks and every other beat will be in phase too.