Phase mark / slur over piano grand staff

Can I make a single phrase mark / slur extend over an entire measure, bass and treble clef, in piano music? I’m attaching both a Dorico project showing a single bar of music and an image showing what the composer wrote. The composer has written the slur mark starting just above the top line of the bass staff, between the 4/4 and the initial E note, extending up and to the right and ending near the top of the bar that marks the end of the measure. He’s saying that left hand and right hand combined articulate a single phrase. If I select first and last note in in the bar and click the slur symbol, Dorico makes 2 separate slurs, one in bass and one in treble. I’m presently using Dorico Elements 3.5. Any way to duplicate what the composer did?
for upload.dorico (463.0 KB)
image.pdf (1.3 MB)

Click on the first note, then ctrl/cmd-click on the final note and press S.

I am not sure if the shape of the slur can be adjusted in Elements.

Yeah, that did the trick, thanks.